sqaure peg in a round hole (veronicap) wrote,
sqaure peg in a round hole

happy pesach baby

near the end of my hebrew final on monday, i felt my stomach turn and i thought i might be about to have the first ever case of failing-a-hebrew-final-poisining. it took me several hours to feel better again. and also a three day break from facing anything else that could possibly pass as "schoolwork."

passover seder on wendsday night at my mother's apartment: "you know those stories about the jews on the lower east side who had to crowd into their little tenemant apartments for shabbat and chairs were like, overflowing into the hallways? that's what this is gonna be like."

of course, one of many highlights of the evening was when susan (my mother's girlfriend/soon to be wife) told scot that he might turn her hetero. my mom gave him one million "brownie points" for washing all the dishes, which took about a year. she would have gotten mad at susan for that comment had scot not been so unbearably good-looking. oh wait, that's me who couldn't stop thinking about how he's so unbearably good-looking. i kept turning to him at dinner and thinking eric clapton lyrics. (you look wonderful tonight, etc.)

small world event: my mother's friend = the mom that drove scot and his buddies (and her son) to rugby games at pi-hi. they had funny stories.

we're "doing passover" together. that should be a hebrew infinitive. "to do passover." this morning i had turkey bacon and matzah with apple butter. i have a feeling you are going to have potato chips dipped in ketcup and m n'ms.

oh, schools not over yet. i still have stuff to do. starting now.
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