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i like the word anacagua, even if i can't spell it and i say "anaconda"


"money isn't real, george. it only seems like it is." (blow)

i've never been a "saver," so to speak, because money is just paper, but you can trade it in for much cooler things than paper. or even just cooler paper. it seemed that the time was approaching to begin looking for school loans, the money left by my father in my mother's care was vanishing, when in december our aunt informed us that there was another account of my father's money (life insurance, trust funds, etc) in her control which was quite sizable, which was to be split between my brother, my grandparents and i.

suggestions of course, graduate school. "house" "car" "life" "apartment" "time off to write a novel or something else equally brilliant" "something practical"

but somwhere between scot and i talking about mountains and looking them all up in the atlas and deciding which ones to start with and me talking about my dad on the top of kilimanjaro, i realized that there is only one thing that i truly believe my father would have wanted me to do with his "money."

so i think that's what we're going to do. we need to go to bivouac and get some books. i need to get some back muscles. but i remember i told my mom i was going to climb kilamanjaro one day in my dad's honor, and then that goal sort of faded. for now, we are looking at mount hood (oregon) and mount washington (new hampshire) and then moving on to bigger things.

it's good to feel that i am pleasing my favorite ghost, or that i have found the potential to. and that i have found someone to see the world with me, with his similar eyes, someone who i know my father would have adored.

these are far-off dreams, abounding potential.
but i can't wait
to be on the top of the world with scot (if we aren't already...)

"you are not your job. you are not the money in your bank account. you are not the car you drive. you are not how much money is in your wallet. you are not your fucking khakis. you are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world." (fight club)

statistic of the day:
of marie's four serious boyfriends,
100% have come from divorced families and have been raised by 0 or 1 of their biological parents.
100% have at least one parent who has or had a drug or alcohol related problem
although i met all 4 in michigan, 7/8 of these biological parents live far from michgan--texas, oklahoma, oregon, wisconsin, georgia, nevada.

i wonder what that says.
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