sqaure peg in a round hole (veronicap) wrote,
sqaure peg in a round hole

paralell universe

this is what happened. i left ann arbor, michigan, for florida. when i left, i lived in an apartment on south forest with sheels mcbeels and christyne. my boyfriend, scot, lived in an apartment by north campus that smelled like a different dinner on every floor, and had white carpets and clean air conditioning. my room was big and spacious. the macaroni grill was busy. it was raining. when i came home there were two girls to talk to. i had lil bit of money. i was taking classes and doing a lot of homework.

now, we have returned, and it is another world! (the lavileers? is that what it's called). scot lives with his aunt, with no roommate, and it's kind of cute like high school when we have to be quiet. and it's much closer to the whole world. his job will change a little when the outdoor complex at our gym opens up and i won't get to see his cute smile every time i walk in. and i live in a new house on willard which is really close to campus and fileld with a bunch of girls i don't know who are only here for the summer. it has lots of rooms, but my room is very little. the macaroni grill is not busy. i am taking no classes, and i have no homework, which means its perfectly approproiate to spend an afternoon watching movies in your arms. and, oh, i have no money. but it is still raining.
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