sqaure peg in a round hole (veronicap) wrote,
sqaure peg in a round hole

loves i have, heart beating still

i would like to document this moment as a moment that life feels pretty damn good. jessie came in for the night and it was so good to see a friend and reminded me of how good it will be when everyone gets back in the fall, how good it will be to have all my friends back in michigan who have been abroad. and i love scot more than words can explain, we remain retarded for each other and i am thrilled to climb mountains with him and just be with him and i feel very confident and true about our love. it just feels so amazingly right. he is asleep on my bed right now because he works all day all the time.

i can't really be more eloquent than that, cuz that's just the facts.

"...on very rare occasions life will offer up something as full and wonderful as anything the imagination can muster."
-jim harrison, 'farmer'
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