sqaure peg in a round hole (veronicap) wrote,
sqaure peg in a round hole

night truths

hello, marie.

hello, insomnia.

remember me? we used to hang out every night for the first 20 years of your life until you got that goddamn elavil and the noise machine/fan and that nice comfortable comforter.

i know. i didn't miss you, though. my life improved without you.

no, i know you missed me. and tonight i brought my friend fibromyalgia. right now she is stinging both of your wrists and your right knee. how does that feel?

really bad. i wish scot was here cuz he does this thing where he holds my wrists and makes the pain go away.

you sleep better with someone else there, don't you?

i do. they don't have to be a boyfriend, or be in my bed. roommates work too. i think i feel subconcious peer pressure to be asleep when everyone else is.

well, its just us right now.

i know. i hate you.

but i love you. we see each other so rarely now. you're always with that boy now, and i don't know him very well. and you sleep so much better in general.

i know. i hate you.

remember when we used to hang out in 1224 naples court? we used to play on the computer, write letters to ryan, eat healthy choice ice cream from the freezer. rememeber?

my wrists are aching. my knee is aching.

do you still plan on waking up in 5 hours? even though you were up with that boy until 4 last night?

yes. i need to deprive myself of sleep tonight so that i don't have to hang out with you again tomorrow.

ok. goodnight.

you don't mean that.
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