sqaure peg in a round hole (veronicap) wrote,
sqaure peg in a round hole


this morning i had a slip and fall. you know, like old people, or like me on m way to work on a slick stairwell outside of my house in the rain. on the "pain scale" of 1 to 10 that they offered me at the urgent care place, i would have ranked certain moments a 9.5.

but never mind all that. scot and my mother helped me out. i'm on my couch right now. the doctor actually told me to take a vicodan, a motrin 800 and a muscle relaxer every 3 hours. which seems to me a lot like being in a COMA. i think i'll keep them and use them later, when I'm not injured and can have more fun. Just kidding. Or maybe not....

going to toronto tomorrow! gonna see basbeball with scottie too hottie!

i must return to my 8 hour movie marathon. if you want a vicodin, send 5 dollars to 1109 Willard. I'll throw in a poem for an extra dollar. SASE please.
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